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Doctors who are Medical Intuitives

Ken Felch, Biological DC
Claire Riendeau, ND, NMD, PhD
Jacqueline Chan, DO
Julie Griffith, MD
Steve Harris, MD
Melissa Patterson, ND

Friday, Sept 19 2014   7pm   RSVP
Fee: Free

Join us for a dialogue with an array of physicians who integrate their skill of Medical Intuition into their practice as both a diagnostic and healing art. Bring your questions for this insightful and informative event. Each panel member is a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine® Medical Intuitive program.

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Ken Felch, Biological DC:
Claire Riendeau, ND, NMD, PhD:
Jacqueline Chan, DO:
Julie Griffith, MD:
Steve Harris, MD:
Melissa Patterson, ND:


Introduction to Biontology

Johan Boswinkel
Friday, Oct 3 2014   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Learn how Biontology pioneer, Johan Boswinkel uses biophotons to detect illness and facilitates in support to restore one's own health; regaining the capacity for self-healing on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level independent of outside help. Johan, the founder of the Health Angel Academy in the Netherlands and Institute for Applied Biophoton Sciences in the USA is spreading knowledge of biontology by training and educating new Biontologists in the art of healing through biophotons. He is a worldwide specialist with 30 years of experience in this field concerning application of biophotons and the changes in quality of photon-emission. Learn the history and technology behind Biophoton research. See a live demonstration with the Chiren Instrument.

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Bringing the Wisdom of the Natural World Into Your Home to Create Health and Vitality

Beth Greer
Friday, Nov 7 2014   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

This event will energize and invigorate you as you learn how to transform your home into a safe, healing sanctuary. Beth Greer will help you understand the importance of bringing the natural world inside your home using the following concepts:


1. What am I putting IN my body? How might the additives in my food and water throw me off balance?

2. What am I putting ON my body? How are the chemicals in my deodorant, shampoo and makeup impacting my health and well-being?

3. What do I SURROUND myself with in my home? How toxic are my scented candles, household cleaners, or mattress?


1. How can I tell if the everyday products I use are (or aren’t) really ‘natural’?

2. What should I watch out for on food and personal care labels that are often vague and misleading?


1. What foods should I eat that respect the welfare of animals?

2. How can I mitigate the toxic electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, laptops, WiFi, etc. that can impact my health?

Making small lifestyle shifts can have a dramatic impact on your health and well-being while freeing up tremendous energy and vitality. You’ll discover that what goes IN, ON, and SURROUNDS you can either create or upset your inner wisdom and natural balance.

Beth Greer, aka Super Natural Mom, is one of the foremost experts on sustainable and toxin-free living. She is an award-winning journalist, green holistic wellness educator, and innovator who eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by detoxing her body and her home. She’s author of the best-selling book, "Super Natural Home," endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and others. She shares her wisdom through her live events, Huffington Post columns, webcasts, and personalized in-home detox audits and trainings.

Beth is former President of The Learning Annex, a nationally renowned adult education company. She has appeared on ABC-TV, NBC-TV, CNN and NPR is a popular speaker at industry expos, private firms, non-profits and schools where she provides a tremendous array of valuable strategies, insights, techniques and proven methods to radically transform your health and vitality. .

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The Holotope: Discover where Science, Art and the Sacred Meet

Randall Fontes & Kirby Seid
Friday, Jan 16   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Achieving transcendent states through sensory feedback — the Alchemy of Light, Sound, and Form; Fractals, Sacred Geometry and the 8 dimensions; Biofeedback and The Body-Mind. Join us for a magical journey an Integrative Holotope Experience-Meditation. The Holotope is a stunning computer generated geometric artwork of an 8-dimensional object and fractal Patterns. This balance of symmetry, color, and projected light generates a complex visual field that allows the viewer to perceive multiple dimensions directly and simultaneously. Sound and music are integrated into the experience which can allow people to commune with higher dimensions of self through resonance alignment. Bring an idea of what you’d like to discover, or what you’d like to manifest in your life.


Scientific Measurement of the Light of Life: What does it Reveal?

Beverly Rubik, PhD & Harry Jabs, MS
Friday, Feb 6   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Light is perhaps the most mysterious particle and field in science. It is pure energy of the highest order, travels at the speed limit of the universe, and is linked to an invisible metaphysical order of being. Measuring the light emanating from life is a “window” into the elusive qi or life force. At the Institute for Frontier Science, we built a custom-designed detector system with a walk-in dark chamber to do this. We count the “biophotons”, the particles of light emitted from humans and other organisms under various conditions and compare them. We can also examine the interaction between two persons, the light from a healing encounter, the light of love, and other states of being. We will report on experiments in which we have measured biophotons from various regions of the bodies of qigong masters, healers and their patients, and medical intuitives. It appears that each person has a unique energetic signature and that intention may be key. The importance of biophotons as part of the biofield regulating our health and well-being will also be discussed.


9-Steps to Forgiveness

Fred Luskin, PhD
Friday, March 20   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Join us to explore why forgiveness is one of the spiritual virtues that research shows to have emotional, physical and relationship health benefit. In this event learn the rudiments of Dr Luskin’s 9-Steps to Forgiveness through lecture and simple guided practice. Understand the mind-body link of positive emotion and have forgiveness be demystified and made accessible. Fred is one of the world’s most recognized forgiveness researchers and teachers. His work has been applied in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, the World Trade Center and Native Arctic Canada.



Natural Vision Improvement

Meir Schneider, PhD. LMT
Friday, April 3   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Author and visionary, was born legally blind. Through his own methods and expanding upon the Bates method, he now reads, writes and drives a car. Don't believe us? Come "see" for yourself, taking advantage of this rare opportunity to hear how Meir reversed his vision complications. Dr. Schneider explains breakthrough findings and tells of useful techniques using a holistic, self-healing approach to correct various conditions. He has helped tens of thousands of people with serious physical and visual conditions worldwide. These conditions include vision, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy and many others. Meir explains how Self-healing through movement and other means will change your life and make you feel young again. Meir is the founder for The School for Self-Healing in San Francisco and has been featured on "Israel's top 10 most inspirational People" and has been interviewed around the world.



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