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The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-on Healing

Bill Bengston, PhD
Friday, January 15 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

Can energy healing really cure cancer? Is it possible for you to heal someone's terminal illness with your bare hands? Is the Western medical community ready for a fundamental change in its approach to treatment? Dr. Bengston invites you to decide by taking a journey with him into the mystery and power of hands-on healing. Drawing on his 30 years of rigorous research, unbelievable results, and mind-bending questions, Bengston challenges us to totally rethink what we believe about our ability to heal. The event will present how Dr. Bengston discovered and cultivated his healing talent and how you can do the same. Alternative and energetic forms of healing and how they support your body's natural healing process. Paradigm-shifting experimental results and why they seem so difficult for some to believe.

Background: William F. Bengston is a professor of sociology at St. Josephs College in New York, USA He received his PhD from Fordham University, New York, in 1980. His “day job” areas of specialization include research methods and statistics. For many years, Bill has conducted research into anomalous healing, and has proven the effectiveness of his technique in 10 controlled animal experiments conducted in five university biological and medical laboratories. His healing research has produced the first successful full cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas in experimental mice by laying-on-of-hands techniques that he helped to develop. He has also investigated assorted correlates to healing such as geomagnetic micropulsations and EEG harmonics and entrainment.

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The Holotope: Discover where Science, Art and the Sacred Meet

Randall Fontes & Kirby Seid
Friday, February 19 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

Achieving transcendent states through sensory feedback — the Alchemy of Light, Sound, and Form; Fractals, Sacred Geometry and the 8 dimensions; Biofeedback and The Body-Mind. Join us for a magical journey an Integrative Holotope Experience-Meditation. The Holotope is a stunning computer generated geometric artwork of an 8-dimensional object and fractal Patterns. This balance of symmetry, color, and projected light generates a complex visual field that allows the viewer to perceive multiple dimensions directly and simultaneously. Sound and music are integrated into the experience which can allow people to commune with higher dimensions of self through resonance alignment. Bring an idea of what you’d like to discover, or manifest in your life.

Background: Randall Fontes, creator of the Holotope, has been studying light and meditation for over 45 years. From his very first memories he was fascinated with light, and has spent most of his life researching the scientific and mystical applications of light and color. Randall provides personal color readings and Holotope biofeedback sessions for individuals and groups at his office in Berkeley, California. He has a Masters in Psychology from California State University Sonoma in conjunction with Stanford Research Institute, where he was also a guest researcher invited by Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ in the laboratory which was known for developing the “Remote Viewing” protocol.

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Research on Healing Waters

Robert Williams, Inventor Q-Link®
Friday, March 18 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

Robert will present a decade of research on the holy healing waters from sacred sites, as well as a new technology created by Williams and his team that replicates the benefits of healing water. Robert will show research results from the Penn State University laboratory of Rustum Roy, PhD that reports the levels of potency of each of the holy healing waters. Further research comparing the holy healing waters and Williams's treated water shows that the technology developed by Williams holds the highest healing potency that does not diminish with time. This water is being used in a medical setting with encouraging health results. And applied in agriculture with dynamic growth potentials recorded. Samples of Williams healing water will be given to each guest.

The Mood Cure

Julia Ross
Friday, April 8 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

Drawing on thirty years of experience, Julia presents breakthrough solutions to overcoming depression, anxiety, irritability, stress, and other negative emotional states that are diminishing the quality of our lives. Her comprehensive program is based on the use of four mood-building amino acids and other surprisingly potent nutrient supplements, plus a diet rich in good-mood foods such as protein, healthy fat, and certain key vegetables.

Background: Julia Ross is a pioneer in the field of Nutritional Therapy and a specialist in the treatment of mood problems, eating disorders, and addictions. After 10 years of working as a counselor and psychotherapist in a variety of settings, Ross became a Program Director and founded seven successful integrative treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Fascia in Motion

Elizabeth Larkam
Friday, May 6 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

Join Elizabeth in discussing her new book, "Fascia in Motion", although it's a book for Pilates and movement teachers, it will broaden the understanding of fascia for everyone. Elizabeth has incorporated the latest research and demonstrates how it impacts on training. The book includes a comprehensive exercise compendium and chapters covering specialised applications such as fascia-focused training for aging well, correcting computer posture and more.

Background: Elizabeth Larkam began her Pilates studies in 1985 while teaching dance at Stanford University, where she had received her bachelors and master’s education. A Gold Certified Pilates Method Alliance teacher, she was educated by the first generation Pilates teachers. Elizabeth co-founded and co-owned Polestar Education. When Balanced Body Pilates Education was founded in 2004 she became a Master Teacher and Mentor, conducting courses throughout the world. Elizabeth is a Feldenkrais® practitioner, Franklin Method teacher, Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® instructor. She is qualified in Gyrotonic® II and Gyrotonic Specialized Equipment.

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The Power of Intuition and Empathy to Heal

Judith Orloff, MD
Friday, June 10 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

Intuition is an incredible source of wisdom that everyone can tap into. The magic comes in awakening it and trusting its guidance in our lives. Yet too many of us walk around out of touch with our inner voice. What stops us from listening? How can we listen more? Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist, intuitive healer, and author of the bestsellers Intuitive Healing, Emotional Freedom and Second Sight shows how to reclaim this intelligence. She passionately believes that the future of medicine lies in using intuition to access deeper insight, empathy, and greater wellness. Orloff offers practical methods to tap into medical intuition and use it to improve the quality of your decisions, health, and life. You’ll be shown how to awaken intuition, read body language and emotions, determine if you are an “empath” and how to avoid absorbing other people’s stress. You will be taught how to tell the difference between intuition and fear, recognize what blocks intuition, and use your intuition to surrender obsessive relationships & unavailable people. You’ll also be shown how to remember and interpret dreams as well as recognize déjà vu, synchronicities, and predictions.

Judith Orloff, MD is author of the national bestseller The Power of Surrender and offers the 4 CD audio program Becoming An Intuitive Healer (Sounds True) She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. Dr. Orloff also specializes in treating empaths (highly sensitive people). An Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, she passionately believes that the future of medicine involves integrating all this wisdom to achieve emotional freedom and total wellness. Dr. Orloff’s work has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, the Oprah Magazine and USA Today. To learn more about empaths and the power of intuition, as well as Dr. Orloff's books and workshop schedule, visit her website. Book signing after event.

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Seeking Jordan

Matthew McKay, PhD
Friday, October 7 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

In this inspiring evening, author Matthew McKay will explain how he gained access to knowledge he never thought it was possible to possess, after searching for, finding, and communicating with his murdered son through channeled writing sessions. He will also share the compelling wisdom his son shared with him about things like knowledge about death, the spirit world, life purpose, and the nature of the visible and invisible universe.

Matthew McKay, PhD, is the author of Seeking Jordan and numerous other books. He is a clinical psychologist, professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA, and founder and publisher at New Harbinger Publications. He received his PhD in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, and specializes in the cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety and depression. He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Ayurvedic Practice in Daily Life

Monica Bloom
Friday, November 4 7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 cash at door

Monica’s new book, In Your Elements: A Blooming Ayurvedic Guide to Creating Your Best Life takes an ancient science and turns it into a self-empowerment and healing practice. Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old sister science to yoga, emphasizing a mind, body and spirit connection to individualized healthcare. Monica demystifies its concept, simplifying and modernizing it in a way that makes it relevant for everyday well-being practice. In this event you will gain insights about your unique body-type, how to manage self-healing accordingly, and how to apply Ayurveda in everyday life to maintain harmony and balance. Health is a constant lifelong work in progress.


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