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Learning Options

The Academy of Intuition Medicine (AIM) offers individual seminars and short courses for all levels of interest and time commitment, and longer certificate programs for continued study. The Taking Classes, Programs sections and Catalog offer an overview of Academy classes.
Download the current Academy Program Catalog here (280kb, Acrobat required)
Founded in 1984, the Academy of Intuition Medicine offers a Vocational Certification program in the career science of Medical Intuition and the art of practicing as a Spiritual Coach or Intuition Medicine® Practitioner. As well as, for those interested in developing intuition as a pragmatic skill to integrate into a current career. Or to develop intuition for practical daily life awareness, self-growth and personal healing.   [read more]

Certificate Programs

Our programs offer training for anyone interested in increasing their intuitive abilities. For students interested in pursuing advanced studies for career training as a Medical Intuitive or as an Intuition Medicine® Practitioner, the Academy offers three Career Certificate Programs:
 •Master Certification in Intuition Medicine  [1000 instruction hours]
 •Intuition Medicine Certificate  [300 instruction hours]
 •Professional Skills Program  [96 hours/year]

Vocational Education Approval

The Academy is one of only two USA institutions approved and licensed to offer Medical Intuition career training.

Continuing Education Units

The Academy of Intuition Medicine offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) certified by: the California Board of Registered Nurses and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals The Ethics course is certified by the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

How to begin the Academy program

Two program semesters are offered starting in September or January. All new students begin with the basic Intuition Medicine, three courses taught sequentially by Francesca McCartney, PhD and then progress into the three intermediate courses taught by senior faculty — Pamela Bradley, MIM, PhD; Midge Murphy, JD, PhD; and Melissa Patterson, MIM, ND. Our support faculty offers continuous workshops and seminars for both enrolled certificate students and alumni.

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Body of Health translated
into Romanian!
We are pleased to announce that Body of Health is now available in Romanian.

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Upcoming Events


Doctors who are Medical Intuitives
Ken Felch, Biological DC
Claire Riendeau, ND, NMD, PhD Jacqueline Chan, DO
Julie Griffith, MD
Steve Harris, MD
Melissa Patterson, ND

Friday, September 19 2014   7pm   RSVP
Fee: Free

Join us for a dialogue with an array of physicians who integrate their skill of Medical Intuition into their practice as both a diagnostic and healing art. Bring your questions for this insightful and informative event.
[read more]


Introduction to Biontology
Johan Boswinkel
Friday, October 3 2014   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Learn how Biontology pioneer, Johan Boswinkel uses biophotons to detect illness and facilitates in support to restore one's own health; regaining the capacity for self-healing on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level independent of outside help.
[read more]


Bringing the Wisdom of the Natural World Into Your Home to Create Health and Vitality
Beth Greer
Friday, November 7 2014   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Beth Greer, aka Super Natural Mom, is one of the foremost experts on sustainable and toxin-free living and author of the book, “Super Natural Home". She is an award-winning journalist, green holistic wellness educator, and innovator who eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by detoxing her body and her home. This event will provide an array of techniques and proven methods to radically transform your health and home into a safe, healing sanctuary.
[read more]


The Holotope: Discover where Science, Art and the Sacred Meet
Randall Fontes & Kirby Seid
Friday, January 16 2015   7pm   RSVP
Fee: $20 at door

Achieving transcendent states through sensory feedback — the Alchemy of Light, Sound, and Form; Fractals, Sacred Geometry and the 8 dimensions; Biofeedback and The Body-Mind. Join us for a magical journey an Integrative Holotope Experience-Meditation. The Holotope is a stunning computer generated geometric artwork of an 8-dimensional object and fractal Patterns. This balance of symmetry, color, and projected light generates a complex visual field that allows the viewer to perceive multiple dimensions directly and simultaneously. Sound and music are integrated into the experience which can allow people to commune with higher dimensions of self through resonance alignment. Bring an idea of what you’d like to discover, or what you’d like to manifest in your life.
[read more]

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